Bodysuits and I Never Meshed Until I Tried This One—Now I Own It in Every Color

When I don't like something, I really don't like it, and rarely do I ever change my mind once it is set. I'm like this with food, activities, TV shows—you name it. But most often, I'm stubborn about fashion. (You're never going to see me in a sweatsuit, for instance—not even if I'm at home and no one is around.) However, I recently discovered something that did manage to convince me to bury the hatchet and embrace a clothing item I once believed would never call my closet home: bodysuits

Something about bodysuits has never sat right with me. I know the point of them is to make tucking things in more convenient, but that aspect of them was actually what always turned me off. I don't like feeling restricted when it comes to clothes, so the way you have to physically contort yourself to put on and take off a bodysuit (or use the restroom for that matter) bothered me to no end. And simply put, I never found one that I liked the look of more than a standard top. Then, I test-drove Who What Wear Collection's Haley Corset Bodysuit for a shoot earlier this year. 

To be clear, when I first spotted this bodysuit, I didn't know it was one at all. All I noticed was the interesting neckline and flattering shape, two things I always look for in tops and dresses. Naturally, I volunteered to shoot in it. It wasn't until I received the sample that I noticed its bottom half. 

When I tell you I was shocked when I slipped on the Cocoa version of the bodysuit (no annoying adjustments required) and looked in the mirror, I'm not exaggerating. It was as if every bad thought I ever had about bodysuits—and there were many—was null and void at that moment. It didn't hurt that, in the process of styling the piece, every single item I paired with the Haley bodysuit looked good. There were no visible lines or bunching, which I'd always considered commonplace with the silhouette. It's just a really cute top option that was comfortable and almost too easy to style with my existing wardrobe. 

Suffice to say, this bodysuit alone converted me from a bodysuit hater to a full-blown fan, so much so that I now own it in two colors—Cocoa and black (or Onyx as the brand calls it). Paired with pants, skirts, or shorts, it hasn't yet failed to impress me. Whether or not I'll buy any other bodysuits remains to be seen. Then again, I'm more than set now that I have these two in my rotation. 

Below, shop the bodysuits that single-handedly changed my entire belief system about the style. 

Another piece I tell everyone about? This sweater, which I now consider the only item I'll ever travel in.

Our best-selling Drew dress is back, and it's gotten a makeover for spring. 

My co-worker Yusra has this cardigan, and it looks so cute on her.

I got this top in the mail yesterday and proceeded to wear it out last night. 

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